Saturday, 10 January 2015

Nigerian Presidential Election 2015


May the Lord save the Nigerian State in this forth coming elections as the two candidates have not been able to convince us with any detail manifesto, instead the two political parties have just been battering and slandering each other.

Adventures Of Sergeant Koboko By Olaogbebikan Olumide Animation Films


We have made over 12 Episodes of the Adventures Of Sergeant Koboko that addresses social, cultural, economic and political issues on the Nigeria scene. Its fresh and uses satirical, comical, exageration and simile to convey cogent issues. We would be glad to hear from you and have your thoughts & comments. See more from

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Faragun® Danfo Talking - SmoothCartoonsNigeria

Share This is one of our montage video which happens to be done in yoruba language, we also have pidgin, english for the Faragun® Character. Hope you enjoy it? The voice actor was done by Tobi-Tlarge our sound producer.

Friday, 2 January 2015

The Adventures Sergeant Koboko - Episode One


Over Religious

It is a statement of fact that Nigeria can boast of having the highest no of churches and mosque scattered all over the country, But ackwardly the country can be seen has consisting of mere religious people and not people with the fear of God in all its dealings. This ascertion is further concretized with many of our leaders belonging to either of the two leading religion and yet corruption, deceit amongst many other issues parvades the system both at the grassroot and top echelon. The country might get it right if we lay emphasis on character and moral principle of the leaders we choose rather than religious sentiments. In recent times we have had several prayers

The Adventures Of Sergeant Koboko - Episode Five


Light & Darkness
This was made to address the failing political structure in Nigeria which has affected key sectors like Education, Health but with keen emphasis on Power Sector. In this Video our character Sergeant Koboko summarizes the ordeal of an average Nigerian with regards to power outage and its impact on daily living in Nigeria. The sole aim is to cause attitudinal change in the Nigerian polity with the hope that we choose leaders that will solve some of this problems for a better tomorrow.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

The Polio - Short Animation for public awareness on polio

Share This Project was produced and animated by smoothcartoonsnigeria for Polio Rescue Association in Nigeria. All Characters, Modelling, Rigging and Animations was made by smoothcartoonsnigeria studios
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