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Africa, indeed Nigeria is faced with issues affecting our growth and development as a people spanning across disease, bad leaderrship, corruption, ethnic crisis, poverty, declining morals, waning educational standards,  illiteracy amongst others. Now more than ever before, we need to take the destiny of the continent into our hands by turning the wheel of progress in the right direction. 

It is against this backdrop that smoothcartoonsnigeria is motivated to develop and design comic books that addresses socio-cultural issues using comic satirical representations while educating and entertaining its readers.
At smoothcartoonsnigeria you can now download and enjoy our digital comic book series/cartoon strip products free. This digital art & books addresses societal issues such as HIV/AIDS, greed, prostitution, armed robbery, malaria, child upbringing, corruption etc. 

Corporate bodies, companies, banks and firms, NGO's, government institutions, social organizations, schools and individuals can take advantage of this offer to reach their target audience by advertising there goods and services on this materials while contributing back to the society positively.

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