Monday, 25 January 2016

Insecured Policeman

Insecured Policeman
The working and living conditions of an average Nigerian police reflects hopelessness, frustration and insensitivity starting from the police training college and the eventual barracks(Living Homes) of this officers, how then can the public rely on such dehumanized officers to put their life on the line with so much insecurity surrounding them, they would rather struggle to secure themselves at any cost & sometimes even at the detriment of the society.

I am not saying that even if the police were given all the diamond in the world there won’t be corrupt officers amongst them but I can clearly say the numbers would be drastically reduced and corresponding punishment for deterrents would be easily enforceable.

Do you think the Nigerian Police needs a new orientation or a better working condition?
Is bribery and corruption the problem of the police force or lack of proper motivation?

Please do bear in mind that all the cartoon illustrations, peoples comments thought & opinion would eventually be collated and analyzed by our editors as part of the Final Book Publication of GIANT OF AFRICA.

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