Tuesday, 19 January 2016


Share This week i do like to focus on another aspect of problem confronting EDUCATION system in Nigeria and we sincerely hope to generate as many suggestions as possible, More often than not the decision makers for this critical sector usually have their wards studing outside the country in places such as UK, CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIA, SWEDEN to name a few, more worrisome is the body language of such officials whom usually dont care about the success of our own system as their children are immune to the damage caused by our failed educational system in Nigeria (Lack of funding & motivation, incessant down-tooling, salary issue etc).

Should we pass the above into a law in the Nigerian constitution?
Do our teachers as nation builders get as much recognition as deserved?

Please do bear in mind that all the cartoon illustrations, peoples comments thought & opinion would eventually be collated and analyzed by our editors as part of the Final Book Publication of GIANT OF AFRICA.

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